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Your company was a godsend when I discovered that the area my parents' lived in did not allow estate sales.  It was looking like I was going to have to donate what I could and pay someone to haul away the rest.  However, less than a month after my first meeting with Morgan, their condo was completely emptied and I was able to begin putting it on the market.  Thanks to your online auction services I ended up with everything gone a very healthy check from my proceeds. And I didn't have to lift a finger or even be in town during the process. I highly recommend Texmax Auction Company."


- Kathy L.


Thank you for taking care of everything at FINO. You and your staff did a great job from start to finish."

- Emmett

"I want to tell you how appreciative I am for the work you and your people have done on this project,  you were clearly the right choice.  I enjoyed working with you and especially Glenna.  She is awesome. 

Lastly, I want to acknowledge the excellent job that was done on emptying the house of contents.  My contractors and I walked the house this morning and it is completely ready for a beautiful makeover.  Thank you very much."


- Mark

You are superb at what you do..and your excellence shines through! Thank you."

- Marti

Thank you, David...Your company provides professional service that in my view is unparalleled.

- Angie L

I have been a buyer from TexMax Auctions for a long time and have always enjoyed the service I have received from David and his team. I love the broad range of items that are presented on TexMax and I especially enjoy the fact that the starting bids are low. If you enjoy a good auction, TexMax is gonna make you happy!

-Ralph B

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