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TexMax Auctions, LLC.


"Texas Auctioneers Maximizing Returns"

David Runte Auctioneer

License #16138


"After 7 years with a major auction company, I decided to launch TexMAX Auctions, LLC.


My goal is to increase the level of service to clients through pre-planning, marketing and improved relations with buyers and sellers ensuring all items receive attention to detail for the highest possible rate of return."

We won again!


TexMAX has won this award for the second time this year!  Who do you want liquidating your assets?

Most Viewed Auction Co.




Your company was a godsend when I discovered that the area my parents' lived in did not allow estate sales.  It was looking like I was going to have to donate what I could and pay someone to haul away the rest.  However, less than a month after my first meeting with Morgan, their condo was completely emptied and I was able to begin putting it on the market.  Thanks to your online auction services I ended up with everything gone a very healthy check from my proceeds. And I didn't have to lift a finger or even be in town during the process. I highly recommend Texmax Auction Company."


- Kathy L.

You are superb at what you do..and your excellence shines through! Thank you."

- Marti


Thank you for taking care of everything at FINO. You and your staff did a great job from start to finish."

- Emmett

"I want to tell you how appreciative I am for the work you and your people have done on this project,  you were clearly the right choice.  I enjoyed working with you and especially Glenna.  She is awesome. 

Lastly, I want to acknowledge the excellent job that was done on emptying the house of contents.  My contractors and I walked the house this morning and it is completely ready for a beautiful makeover.  Thank you very much."


- Mark

All-Star Service


Once again, we are at the top of our game according to Constant Contact! We have record high engagement with our audience. meaning more bids for you and your next auction with us!

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